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mountainJust what is Functional Fitness Training? How will it benefit you?

These are Probably your first questions you find yourself asking.

Like any industry ,the fitness industry has it’s dissent ,there are the Box gyms with their amateur Plyometrics and and high risk exercises, that think as long as its hard and full-body its Functional, than there is the other end of the Spectrum the knuckle dragging Body Builders that think using machines will improve actual real life strength and in the middle there is reality.

Here is my definition of Functional Fitness Training and Our principals.

Functional Fitness Training restores and improves your ability to move and use your body in every way possible for your lifestyle,This covers everybody from a  grandfather being able to play with his grand children without pain ,to an elite special OPS Soldier able to perform whatever task needs to get done using explosive strength and incredible endurance ,and everyone including probable you in the middle of those two extremes.

Here are Our principals .

1 Muscles work together to generate force whether it’s to move ourselves or other objects they can’t work Separately and achieve movement

. 2. our muscles primary function is to stabilize us against gravity and outside forces, before we can move anything ! ourselves or other objects in the real world we first have to be able to hold ourselves  up and stabilize with our core.

3. you burn more calories when you use more muscle so your metabolism goes up.

4. We never add load to dysfunction, not weights or increased speed, we address dysfunction first to prevent injury.

5. We screen for Dysfunction and Address  it within your program.

6 .Once Dysfunction is Addressed we program in progressive loads when & where appropriate to  your  program.

7. We Address Nutritional needs with proper guidance using both science and common sense no Gimmicks or expensive Supplements just natural foods proper portions & timing.

All of the Functionally Fit principals were derived from  the  Science & teachings of Gray Cook ,founder of the Functional Movement Screen, renown Athletic trainers , Mike Boyle,  Juan Carlos Santana , Vern Gambetta and Mark Verstegen as well as the National Academy of Sports Medicine And in my opinion the greatest Exercise Science professor in the world  Compton Jenkins.

Those that would like to see more of the science and research behind Functional Training as well as what my mentors and top Experts in the Fitness industry have to say , just go to our WHAT link at the top and it will send you to  What is Functional Fitness Training? Page .

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