WHO trains with Functionally Fit?

Below you’ll find testimonials of  people who have reached their goals and benefited from our System.

Dear Lou..This is a long delayed note to let you know  you are doing a fine job.

I have been using your services for over a year &  have seen very good results .

You are extremely professional exceptionally knowledgeable in your field.

In fact I believe your knowledge goes far beyond that of most trainers i have known. I also congratulate you on keeping me injury free during the various times when I have had to recover from surgery or a brief illness. Keep up the good work for both of us.

Sincerely, Nanci Schwartz

It’s  a pleasure working with Lou.

When my husband and i made the decision to work with a Personal Trainer, it was very important to us that we find someone we could trust.never having worked out before we wanted to be safe from injuries while achieving fast results. Lou is very knowledgeable and varies our workout sessions to keep them interesting and help us attain our individual goals. Within the first few weeks I was losing inches while building strength , improving my balance ,posture and increasing my energy. I FEEL GREAT!

Lou makes it a point to keep up with the latest reliable information on Health & Fitness so that he can share and educate his clients how to improve their lives.

I have learned so much from Lou and intend to work with him as long as possible.

Sincerely Michele Staring

This letter is to acknowledge louis Gualario as an excellent Fitness trainer.

Lou has been my trainer for seven months now following the Birth of my second Child.

I had gained considerable weight and had not exercised in almost a year.

Not only have i lost inches and pounds , I have more energy and better understanding what exercise and physical fitness truly are.

Thanks to Lou’s individualized program and diversity of exercises he has given me the tolls to not only workout in the Gym but but at home as well.

His extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work is commended.

Sincerely, Heather M Pane M.Ed ,BCBA

Dear Lou ,   I have been working out with you for over a year. i have had excellent results with your Physical training and nutritional advice.  I  have lost over 30 pounds of fat and have gained considerable muscle mass, my overall health has improved , I have more energy, .my triglycerides have come back to normal , blood pressure has decreased circulations better and I feel great!!

My job as mechanic requires me to do heavy lifting and have have good flexibility while working on peoples cars, since our training my job has become so much easier. I have noticed my stamina doing yard work around the house has improved as well .

i am very satisfied with my results and would highly recommend you to anyone.

Without your expertise i would not have accomplished this on my own, I haven’t felt this good in years.


Jerry McAndrew Certified GM mechanic


Hi Lou,

I just wanted to thank you for the great way you have been teaching me strength training, nutrition and Pilates.

I feel better than ever. my health has improved greatly, My triglycerides have been cut in half,My posture has improved and I’m finally loosing the fat around my midsection.

I truly appreciate the way you challenge me to go further.

I can’t thank you enough keep pushing

Sincerely,Ann Marie Micchelli

Administrative Assistant Cerebral palsy of North jersey Horizon High, School.


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